Marion Stewart, R.Psych

 Couples and Other Significant Relationships:
"Love is the most profound emotion known to human beings. For most people, romantic relationships are the most meaningful element in their lives. But the ability to have a healthy, loving relationship is not innate. Almost all of us have experienced a failed relationship, and most of us have to work consciously to master the skills necessary to make them flourish. The good news is that with effort and perseverance, you can learn what you need to learn to make your relationship last." Psychology Today


As part of her commitment to ongoing training, Marion has an Advanced Level of Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, a research-based approach developed by John and Julie Gottman. 

Gottman couples therapy provides a flexible framework that contributes to productive sessions and your goals of learning skills in communication, managing conflict, and deepening connection.

 Marion's Approach and Philosophy Toward Therapy

Choosing therapy is a proactive decision to choose to live life more fully and with greater awareness.

Anyone can benefit from gaining a deeper understanding of self and circumstances encountered through life that may affect our sense of self, our health, our confidence at any given point in time, as well as the ability to enhance and enjoy our relationships with others.

Each of us has the ability to grow and transform emotionally, physically, and spiritually, whether intentionally—or in response to life’s challenges.

Marion sees each person as an expert on themselves and sees herself as a facilitator with specific skills and knowledge that can contribute to a process of self-development and/or healing.

Therapy may be brief, intermittent, or longer term, depending on the needs and goals of the individual.

Therapeutic techniques are drawn from several theoretical orientations customized to the needs, beliefs, values, and goals of each individual.

Through therapy, individuals can learn to tap into their own inner wisdom and strengths in order to maximize potential. With enhanced self-awareness, knowledge, and tools, discover your passion and purpose in life!

Rather than drifting through life--live life on purpose!

 About Marion;

Marion is the mother of three grown children whose commitment to professionalism and service has been influenced by a background which includes business management and strong community involvement. She volunteered as a professional educator with the Canadian Red Cross where she presented workshops and school programs related to child abuse, relationship violence, and harassment prevention. Over ten years of voluntary service to Victim Service Programs offered experience in program management, crisis intervention, suicide prevention, relationship violence and child abuse issues, as well as training for critical incident stress debriefing with emergency response personnel. Her experiences ignited her desire to become a therapist and contribute to the well-being of individuals and community.

 Marion's Credentials:

Marion is a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists.

University Education and Training:

University of Calgary, B.A. Psychology

University of Alberta, Master of Education, Counselling Psychology

Specializing in Counselling Psychology:

My approach to psychotherapy has been largely influenced by training in Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy. Mentor, Myrtle Heery, of the International Institute for Humanistic Studies located in Petaluma California, was a student and colleague of Jim Bugental, who combined the existential and humanistic approaches to psychotherapy.

"Jim's influence in the field of psychology and psychotherapy reaches far and wide. His teachings to psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage family therapists, clinical social workers have always been focused on the present moment of psychotherapy, on experiencing the actual moment with the client. His attuned presence to the authenticity of the moment with himself and his clients was and will remain one of his greatest gifts to psychotherapy through the many therapists he has trained nationally and internationally.

I was honored to be a student of Jim's close to three decades and a teacher with him for half that time. He is and was an authentic teacher, embracing all the great potentials and limitations of being human. He was an essential part of forming the International Institute for Humanistic Studies (I.I.H.S.) dedicated to developing compassion, hope, courage, resilience and tolerance in each human being."

"May we each dive deep and soar high with our relationships with ourselves and each other,''

Myrtle Heery, Ph.D.
Director I.I.H.S.

My approach to psychotherapy embraces the belief that it offers a means of increasing self-awareness, particularly of each person's unique strengths, integrity, and inner wisdom.  With self-awareness, each of us can make mindful choices rather than reacting to situations.  Making choices that align with our true intentions can offer a greater sense of peace within ourselves and with their circumstances. Not only does this contribute to personal wellness and self-development, achieving greater peace within can lead to greater compassion for others, enhance personal relationships, and contribute toward more peaceful communities, societies, and world.  My role as therapist is approached with optimism and a belief that individuals can learn these skills and develop in ways that will enhance their ability to find joy, peace, promise, and hope in their lives.

Those with outward courage dare to die

those with inward courage dare to live

--Lao Tzu


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